Pregnancy update: Halfway there

We are slowly getting ready for Zoey. I have been getting daily comments about how surprisingly large my bump is considering how far along I am. These come in the form of "August?", "Are you sure it's not twins?", and when I tell them my due date I hear a lot of surprised"Wow, you've still got a ways to go".  Yes, I will be enormous by the time the fall rolls around. For now I'm just rather large... and definitely it is the first thing out of people's mouths when they see me.

The castle for the princess
 With one small exception, things are looking good with baby's development. The umbilical cord is attached marginally to the placenta but the doctors think it's going to be fine; they are just keeping an eye on it. She has 10 fingers and 10 toes, in case you were wondering.
20 week U/S

I wasn't expecting to get to see this. I thought her head was shaped more like a dinosaur's, bumpy, and irregular, but the actual image I got was more normal looking than what I was seeing on the screen during my scan.
Creepy but cute
Zack has been able to place his hand on my belly and feel her moving around and kicking. She has been kicking in and around my belly button, and when she's not kicking, she's trying to press with her feet. One of my first impressions of her is that she's feisty. She appears to be a thumb sucker like her brother too.

Most days I am completely wiped out by mid afternoon and evening. Sometimes I rest and then get a second wind. But generally speaking, I haven't been sleeping well and it's just general fatigue and summer heat that have gotten to me. I do better earlier in the day so that's when I try to get things done. I've been doing some light exercise in the gym at work and walking when I can get out and walk. I think I have to stop jogging though because it's getting to be a bit much.

We are slowly getting things ready at the house. The wallpaper border is gone now and the walls will be painted and I can't wait to get the nursery all set up. Right now everything we have for her is in her closet and in the basement. Zack was "helping" and selected tons of books he think she'll like when she's 5. Yes, when she's 5. But he said he doesn't want her to cry during the story and ruin it, so I explained that books for babies are much shorter than the ones he was setting aside for her. But it was a good thought.


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