1 Month

Zoey has been keeping me busy. I meant to post her 1 month update a week ago but better late than never. She is starting to outgrow 1-3 month clothes and starting to fit into 3 month clothes. She is smiling and is more alert. She will start daycare in 2 weeks.

Pacifier snob

At 3 weeks old, Zoey is our little pacifier snob. She only likes a certain type of pacifier and even one type that appears to be ever so slightly different will not satisfy her, even for a moment. She only likes the pink and purple bear ear soothies. How dare we try to offer her a green soothie without bear ears. At least when it comes to bottles, she will drink from pink, purple, green, or any other color or type of bottle we've offered her. Here are some pictures from this week.

Second time around... life with a newborn

It's all coming back to us now... life with a newborn. I've been on the 3 a.m. shift for feedings so that's fun... not. It's fine when she's cooperative and falls right back to sleep. I hope that happens tonight!

Anyway, Zoey is doing well. She is supposed to go 3 hours between feedings but often is starved at 2.5 hours so we feed her early. She's mellow when held and calmer with feedings than her brother was.

Zack loves being a big brother so far. He adores his little sister and wants her to be awake more often so he can interact with her. He especially loves tummy time and getting grossed out by seeing her diapers. I said "Zoey has a special treat for you..." and he came over and looked and saw the dirty diaper- yuck!

Welcome baby Zoey!

We are thrilled to have baby sister in the house now. She is so loved.

Born on Wednesday, November 8, shortly before noon, she weighed in at 7 pounds, 13 ounces, and was 19 inches long.

More pictures to come!

Two weeks to go

After trying several things to get Zoey to flip out of breech position, efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, and as a result, I have a C section scheduled for November 8, two weeks from today.

I am wrapping things up at work this week and next and we are doing some final things around the house to get ready. There are a few things left on the to-do list and then I will feel content that we are as prepared as we can be to welcome a newborn into the house.

As much as I would like to stay active now, anticipating a slow recovery from surgery, it's not easy. I've had to take it easy and limit outings as walking feels great, but standing and sitting for long periods of time do not. This is no time to be adventurous; I wouldn't want to wind up going into labor or having any other issues needing an emergency C section.

Hopefully my next update will be a birth announcement!

Third Trimester Update

Baby Zoey and I were treated to a baby sprinkle hosted by a good friend in the neighborhood. This lucky girl is going to be very well dressed and accessorized thanks to our family and friends and their generous gifts. I joke that any outfit can be a girl outfit if you pair it with a matching headband and skirt, but Zoey has so many new girly onesies and outfits, she'll barely wind up wearing any hand-me-downs from Zack. 
 Zack helped with the party decorations. He did a great job coloring in the lines and I framed his pictures. 
Zack has also been helpful in other ways. He helped build and put together his sister's dresser last night. Now the nursery is coming along nicely and is substantially ready.
I have been having some medical issues including a scary trip to the hospital for early contractions, which wound up being a result of an infection. There are only a few weeks left and I'm definitely not going to be doing any more traveling too far from our home hospital, th…

Finally picked a middle name

We finally decided on a middle name, after much deliberation. She will be Zoey Renee. No dots or accents, however if you did them it would look like this emoji: :/ which I think is funny. It feels like major progress to have the middle name now. 

I signed up for 2 sets of exercise classes. The first set is a prenatal cardio class that has to be taken before 32 weeks. I will be finishing it just under the wire. After that I will take a more relaxed prenatal yoga class that will go all the way until the week before my due date. I took a prenatal yoga class when I was pregnant with Zack but I took it much earlier in the pregnancy. By the end of the pregnancy I believe it will be valuable, particularly when I'm not sure how much stretching and exercise I can do safely on my own. Clearly I will no longer be swimming by fall, although the weather will be more pleasant for walking. I'm trying to do a day or two a week of lunch exercise with coworkers too. I am definitely feeling limit…