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Third Trimester Update

Baby Zoey and I were treated to a baby sprinkle hosted by a good friend in the neighborhood. This lucky girl is going to be very well dressed and accessorized thanks to our family and friends and their generous gifts. I joke that any outfit can be a girl outfit if you pair it with a matching headband and skirt, but Zoey has so many new girly onesies and outfits, she'll barely wind up wearing any hand-me-downs from Zack. 
 Zack helped with the party decorations. He did a great job coloring in the lines and I framed his pictures. 
Zack has also been helpful in other ways. He helped build and put together his sister's dresser last night. Now the nursery is coming along nicely and is substantially ready.
I have been having some medical issues including a scary trip to the hospital for early contractions, which wound up being a result of an infection. There are only a few weeks left and I'm definitely not going to be doing any more traveling too far from our home hospital, th…