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Finally picked a middle name

We finally decided on a middle name, after much deliberation. She will be Zoey Renee. No dots or accents, however if you did them it would look like this emoji: :/ which I think is funny. It feels like major progress to have the middle name now. 

I signed up for 2 sets of exercise classes. The first set is a prenatal cardio class that has to be taken before 32 weeks. I will be finishing it just under the wire. After that I will take a more relaxed prenatal yoga class that will go all the way until the week before my due date. I took a prenatal yoga class when I was pregnant with Zack but I took it much earlier in the pregnancy. By the end of the pregnancy I believe it will be valuable, particularly when I'm not sure how much stretching and exercise I can do safely on my own. Clearly I will no longer be swimming by fall, although the weather will be more pleasant for walking. I'm trying to do a day or two a week of lunch exercise with coworkers too. I am definitely feeling limit…

Pregnancy update: Halfway there

We are slowly getting ready for Zoey. I have been getting daily comments about how surprisingly large my bump is considering how far along I am. These come in the form of "August?", "Are you sure it's not twins?", and when I tell them my due date I hear a lot of surprised"Wow, you've still got a ways to go".  Yes, I will be enormous by the time the fall rolls around. For now I'm just rather large... and definitely it is the first thing out of people's mouths when they see me.

 With one small exception, things are looking good with baby's development. The umbilical cord is attached marginally to the placenta but the doctors think it's going to be fine; they are just keeping an eye on it. She has 10 fingers and 10 toes, in case you were wondering.

I wasn't expecting to get to see this. I thought her head was shaped more like a dinosaur's, bumpy, and irregular, but the actual image I got was more normal looking than what I was…